Come join us October 5-7 for the Annual Iowa/Nebraska Fall Conference 2018!  We will be at Sunstream Retreat Center in Ogden, Iowa. The cost is $90. Join us for a weekend filled with incredible worship, dynamic speakers, meaningful seminars, in-depth Bible study, rest and play. You won't want to miss out - register now!

Recreation Options

From a Zip Line adventure to Blacklight Dodgeball or playing board games to Live Mafia, we know how to have fun. There are beautiful trails for walks or quiet time. We will even have a fun study space with wifi for those who need it.

Saturday Morning Seminars

  1. Matthew Becker
    Title: Why I Worship
    Description: Learn how to worship God in every season of life.

  2. Megan Leong
    Title: Crossing Cultures with Jesus
    Description: All through the Gospels, Jesus crosses cultures to reach people. One day every nation, tribe, and language will stand before the throne of God. In this seminar, we will uncover God's heart for us, the nations, and our campuses, and discover how you can share Jesus across cultures.

  3. Chad Britten
    Title: The Joy of Lordship
    Description: On the road less traveled, we’ll explore how to trust Jesus with all our hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

  4. Elizabeth Carman
    Title: Women are Worthy
    Description: Women throughout Scripture were heralds of the gospel. We’ll explore how to witness in confidence and love in light of the dignity Jesus proclaims over each of His daughters.

  5. Adam Leong 
    Title: Jesus, Money, and College
    Description: We know that Jesus says we can’t serve God and Money at the same time, but that’s for when we have jobs after graduation, right? How can broke college kids follow Jesus with their money when we don’t have any to begin with? Join us as we explore those questions and talk about how we can honor God with the finances we DO have.

  6. Stacy Rafferty
    Title: Relationships in Light of the Throne of Jesus
    Description: Relationships Q & A with senior staff Stacy Rafferty. Join us as we look at relationships in light of following Jesus as Lord of all areas in our life.